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Buy a vehicle FROM HOME!

File taxes, vote, grocery shop, binge watch Tiger King on Netflix… all things you can do from the safety & security of your home. But did you know that you can also purchase a used vehicle? 

You don’t even have to put on pants.

We’ve implemented a few new practices, and ramped up some existing ones to help make the entire process easier and safer than ever. Some of this awesomeness includes:?
  • Videos & Facetime calls for virtual walk arounds
  • Photos showing the undercarriage and frame
  • Text us directly from our website
  • Virtual test drives
  • Flexible appointment times Friday–Sunday.
    We schedule 1 customer at a time with gaps between appointments for sanitizing.
  • Digital purchasing—if you have the internet, we can complete every step online and mail the final paperwork!
  • Shipping within the continental U.S.

Our #1 priority during this time is protecting your health and ours. We are committed to serving you in the safest, most convenient way possible!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.?

*Pants optional

Our virtual buying experience

An outline of our virtual purchase process:

This can be done from your couch, your porch, your bed, your bathroom? If you can physically access a phone or a laptop, you can get this party started.

Walk around
You’ve inquired, we’ve responded. Now it’s time for a walk around. This is where you get a more in-depth look at the vehicle. Inside, outside, underside. :)

Test drive
Have a drink - let us do the driving. If the walk around gets you excited, just wait til’ we take you for a drive! Kick back & enjoy the ride.

We can work with your bank, or help connect you with a lender. Either way, we can do our part entirely virtually. It’s never been easier to “Show us the money”.

#throwbackthursday (or any day, really) We do need you to sign some things on actual paper, but it can be mailed! No need to come see us.

There are a number of options here, and we’ll work with you to decide on the best one. From contactless pick-up at our lot, to shipment anywhere in the continental U.S. — we can make it happen.

While many of these practices have already been available to our customers, we are especially grateful for the opportunity that technology affords us to serve you all from a safe distance right now.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.

See the Good

Here in Ohio—and many other states—stay at home orders have been extended. With at least another month of isolation ahead of us, it can be easy to focus on the negative. Some of us are out of work, or on a reduced schedule. Some of us are stay-at-home parents and homeschool teachers for the first time. Some of us are missing out on major milestones, or much anticipated vacations. However, if you can pause & take a deep breath, there is actually a lot of good happening.

Here is some of the good that we are seeing in our lives:
  • Businesses that are essential are closing earlier.
  • Manufacturers are redirecting time & resources to serve our communities.
  • Families are sitting down and having dinner together.
  • Society is sacrificing TOGETHER for the greater good.
  • People are outside.
  • We are celebrating small victories that are normally overlooked.
  • For once, most of us have time to spare.

For me, the ‘good’ in all of this looks like: Spending extended time with our 2 children, Silas and Sloan. They are little, and I may never have more time with them than I do right now. I've even been able to get to projects around the house that would normally get put off to a later date, if at all. I’m spending a ton of time with my freakin’ awesome wife.

I'm not saying this is easy, or something to be happy about. But, maybe just today, turn off the news and enjoy this moment as best you can. Stay safe, stay strong! We're all in this together. 

And remember: There are plenty of folks leaving home everyday to provide essential services. They would love to be safe at home with their families. 

Stimulus Package

I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe. What a crazy time this is. In remembering 9/11, I hope to see an abundance of flags waving as we persevere and get through this, together.

As of today, financial help is on the way for many Americans. A stimulus package has been passed and soon checks will be arriving in the mail. That money could be used for many things. Mortgage, groceries, healthcare, childcare, & emergency savings all come to mind. Need to work on a budget? Here’s a link to our favorite financial expert, Dave Ramsey!

Some of you may be tempted to have a little fun with this check. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a 60in plasma on Amazon? New shoes? Maaaaaaaybe a new car!?

Don’t. Buy. A. Car. 

Ok, do buy a car. Heck, buy one from us! But do not use this stimulus check to buy a new car RIGHT NOW just because you want a new car. Wait. If you don’t need that cash, it will still be in your pocket when this is all over. 

If you have a vehicle that currently gets you from point A to point B and back again, please save this money for something else.

If you need a vehicle, give us a call. You may need to purchase a vehicle right now if:
  • it is damaged beyond repair
  • it is unsafe beyond repair
  • it has been stolen and not recovered

Don’t buy into the hype of 0% financing. Don’t wake up when this is all over with a new monthly payment. If money is burning a hole in your pocket right now, please find a local business and order some takeout, buy a gift card to use at a later date, & leave an extravagant tip if you are able.  

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home!

Vehicle Tags & Paperwork COVID-19

Hello everyone! Nathan here, owner of Budget Auto.

With the ongoing Coronavirus it has come to my attention that many of our customers and followers have been wondering about titles and temporary tags. With the BMV's being shut down except for commercial purposes, we have been flooded with phone calls and messages. Many of you are worried about your temp tags expiring and not being able to get plates. The Governor has told law enforcement not to issue citations for expired temporary tags. Also, for the time being, any vehicle purchased will be issued a temp tag that is valid for 90 days. See the Ohio BMV landing page for updates on COVID-19 policies and closures.

If you need maintenance or service on your vehicle, we recommend calling ahead to your service department/shop to see if they have any special requirements for drop off, pick up and scheduling. We recommend the same for sales (call ahead) if you are looking to purchase a vehicle.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home!

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